We get a lot of great races on our TVbut one of the lesser-covered sports is Grand Prix. There are a few races coming up that may not be televised in your area but you should follow, nonetheless – here are our picks for the top three:
Indian Grand Prix: The winner of this race will have a guaranteed spot in the World Finals and the Indian tracks are known for being fast and dangerous. If you’re looking for action and controversy you’ll undoubtedly find it here.
Singapore Grand Prix: Most of us can’t afford a flight and tickets to the SGP but this race often has a bigger impact than fans think. Often Singapore can knock out on-the-line drivers and cast the draws for the rest of the year.
Baltimore Grand Prix: You’ve actually got a good chance of getting this race on TV every year within the US and though 2011′s has already been decided next year’s is sure to be just as contentious and loud. Baltimore is a fast track and there’s always a crash or two.

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