For car racing fans, the series in Edmonton is one of the biggest in Indy car racing series. So, whether you are a team fan, or whether you are a fan of a particular driver, or just of the car and the sponsors on their car, choosing your racer and team, and finding the best cars on the track, is what all car racing and Indy race fans do during a big event or race. So, when going to a race, many fans will base their pick off not only the car that is being driven, but also the driver, his team and pit crew, and the series that the driver and the team have had in the current year, in order to know that they are making the right choice as to who to cheer for in the series races. With so many drivers, so many teams and sponsors, and so many different cars out on the track, many fans love the thrill, and watching the great action on the track between the drivers and their crew, more so than they love cheering for a particular drvier and his team to pull ahead while on a race on the track.

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