In 1999, the Texas legislature passed SB 7, a deregulation law that encouraged lower prices and free market competition. It called for a power industry dictated by market forces. SB 7 found that the production and sale of electricity was not a monopoly; instead, customers and competition were to be the determining factors in regulation of rates, services, and operations.

Most energy consumers in Texas can now decide among many Retail Electric Providers (REPs). SB 7 required that deregulation be phased in over several years. Texas utilities were required to freeze all energy rates on September 1, 1999. On January 1, 2002, REPs affiliated with those utilities began offering prices six percent less than the regulated rate. This rate was known as the “Price to Beat” and created a baseline for competitors. The Price to Beat rate was required through January 1, 2007. If, however, a provider had lost more than 40 of its customers, it could offer additional plans with alternate rates.

Some regions of Texas do not have the option of choosing an electric provider, among them El Paso, the Golden Triangle, the Panhandle, and the far northeast corner of the state. These areas are served by investor-owned utilities, cooperatives, or municipalities. Customers whose service is provided by municipal utilities or cooperatives can use an REP only if the utility has “opted in” to regulation. At this time, only the Nueces Electric Cooperative has done so.
The same wire companies (Transmission and Distribution Utilities) deliver electricity to businesses and homes, regardless of the REP. Local companies still provide wire and pole maintenance, response to service interruptions, and meter reading services. These companies are regulated by the Power and Utilities Commission (PUC).

The PUC is in place to protect consumer rights. These include non-discrimination; protection from unauthorized service switching (slamming); safety against added, unauthorized charges (cramming); dispute resolution; privacy of information; and customer service information. Under SB 7, Texas customers can switch to a new electric company or plan at any point. This incurs no penalty unless the customers break a existing contract with another REP. After receipt of a mailed confirmation, consumers have three business days to undo the switch. There is no lapse in utilities service.
Governor George Bush, when he signed SB 7 into law, stated, “Competition in the electric industry will benefit Texans by reducing rates and offering consumers more choices.” Customers now have the right to choose the REP that best serves their energy needs. Try out this webpage to learn more:

Have you ever wondered about the origins of Indy racing in the United States? Lots of television providers like bring the races into your living room but have you ever really wondered where the races started? The history of Indy racing can either refer to the Indianapolis 500 and the series that rose up around this major race, or it can refer to the Indy Racing League that took over the race in the 1990s.

Ray Harroun won the first ever Indianapolis 500 in 1911, and the race has been an annual event since except for the World War I and World War II era. The best champions in Indy 500 history have been A. J. Foyt, Al Unser, Sr. and Rick Mesars. Each of these famous drivers won the big race four times. Seven drivers have won three times at Indy, and the most recent of these was Dario Franchitti. The first woman to drive in the Indianapolis 500 was Janet Guthrie in 1977, and the best finish by a woman was Danica Patrick’s third-place finish in 2009.

The Indy Racing League began sanctioning the race in 1996, and the first few years were full of controversy as a limited number of drivers who had been involved in the race for years were in effect locked out of the race. Buddy Lazier won the race that first year, but after a few years away, the drivers of CART returned. This action led to the prestige of the race coming close to what it had been in the years before the IRL.

Racing car enthusiasts come from all over the world to watch the Edmonton Indy Car Series. Edmonton hosted the first inaugural race in 2005 and was formerly known as the West Edmonton Mall Grand Prix. Average speeds during the race is 105 miles per hour. Spectators love the thrill and excitement of Grand Prix racing events. There are a host of activities during the races including live concerts, food and beverage offerings.

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We get a lot of great races on our TVbut one of the lesser-covered sports is Grand Prix. There are a few races coming up that may not be televised in your area but you should follow, nonetheless – here are our picks for the top three:
Indian Grand Prix: The winner of this race will have a guaranteed spot in the World Finals and the Indian tracks are known for being fast and dangerous. If you’re looking for action and controversy you’ll undoubtedly find it here.
Singapore Grand Prix: Most of us can’t afford a flight and tickets to the SGP but this race often has a bigger impact than fans think. Often Singapore can knock out on-the-line drivers and cast the draws for the rest of the year.
Baltimore Grand Prix: You’ve actually got a good chance of getting this race on TV every year within the US and though 2011′s has already been decided next year’s is sure to be just as contentious and loud. Baltimore is a fast track and there’s always a crash or two.

When training to become an Indy Car Series Racer, drivers have to take the time to really improve the quality of their drive, and must put in hours a day, for the training they will be doing. Other than this, they are going to have to have the natural ability and skill level, which is required to race at such a high level of competition, and they are going to be required to have the level of competition, which they are always looking to take the title. Racers at this level are not able Read the rest of this entry »

When it comes to learning to race in the Edmonton Indy Car Series, you better be on you’re a game.

When I was younger, one of my favorite things to do was head to the Edmonton Indy car series. There was nothing better than being able to see all my favorite race car drivers. The thrill of the cars zooming around the track at maximum velocity; the smell of tires burning on the pavement; and the sound of the indy car fans, constantly cheering for more.

These days, indy cars have come a long way from the old school cars that use to hit the tracks back in the day. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to the size of these massive tracks. The stands for spectators have also come a long way.

One of the best racks around is easily the Edmonton Indy Car Series. This event features some of the best drivers in the world. The series also is a counterpart to some of the larger Indy car series in existence.

So remember, the next time your recalling some of your favorite Indy car races from the past, don’t forget how the times have change and how far the great sport that is Indy racing has come.

For car racing fans, the series in Edmonton is one of the biggest in Indy car racing series. So, whether you are a team fan, or whether you are a fan of a particular driver, or just of the car and the sponsors on their car, choosing your racer and team, and finding the best cars on the track, is what all car racing and Indy race fans do during a big event or race. So, when going to a race, many fans will base their pick off not only the Read the rest of this entry »

The Edmonton Indy Car Series is one of the most exciting car series anywhere in the world. With drivers like Danica Patrick, Dario Franchitti, and Takumo Sato, the Edmonton series has plenty of star quality. Danica Patrick is one of the most widely celebrated drivers in racing history. Between her endorsements and modeling, she is as famous off the track as on it. And you can follow her at the Edmonton Indy Car Series.

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The 2011 Edmonton Indy Car Series took place in Edmonton, Alberta on July 24 at the Edmonton City Centre Airport. The top 5 racers included: Justin Wilson, Tony Kanaan, Dario Franchitti, Helio Castroneves and the race winner, Will Power.

Justin Wilson, the driver who came in fifth place, is originally from Sheffield, England and joined the IZOD indy car series in 2008.

Tony Kanaan, a Brazilian native, came in fourth place on the 24th. He won the Indy Car Series title in 2004 after a spectacular season in 2003. Read the rest of this entry »

Every year thousands of people sit around and watch the Grand Prix. The Grand Prix is an exciting and intense race that occurs all over Europe making for an exciting event for everyone to watch and enjoy. Finding information on the Grand Prix can be difficult but looking in the proper places is a great way to find info on all the latest and popular Grand Prix races. The Grand Prix is an exiting race that has everyone’s adrenaline running from the drivers to Read the rest of this entry »